Google Street / Business View::

Taster Image 

A sample option to show you the value of 360 imagery:

One 360 panorama – $100.00 plus tax


Five 360 panoramas – $300.00 plus tax 

For each extra 360 panorama, please add $20.00 plus tax 



Auto-rotational Virtual Tour: 

This tour is in addition to your Google Street / Business View

The cost includes your Google tour plus 50%.


Google Street / Business View 20 images = $600 plus tax

Auto-rotational Virtual Tour = $300 plus tax

Total $900 plus tax

What’s included in an Auto-rotational Virtual Tour and what are the ‘extras’?

Included within a tour are….

  • Your logo with link to website or other web location
  • Side navigation bar
  • Social share buttons
  • Control bar including VR button
  • Image Gallery (one artistic/still image per every two 360 panoramas)

What are the ‘extras’?

Extras are usually in the form of Hotspots. For each Hotspot add $20 

  • Video Hotspot (video provided by you).
  • Video to be created by us? Contact us for pricing. 
  • Audio Hotspot (Audio file provided by you).
  • Audio to be created by us? Contact us for pricing.
  • Hotspot web links (i.e. your buy-now page).
  • Hotspot text areas (text provided by you including items such as explaining a product or service).
  • Hotspot image (pre-existing images you would like to be shown in your Virtual Tour).

Extra artistic/still images. You may require extra photos for your business requirements not just for your Virtual Tour. Contact us for pricing. 



Headset Sales & 3D Footage:

(visit VR 3D & Headset page for further information)

Printed Headset (Version 3) Price list:

Minimum order 100 headsets
100-199 headsets $15 each 
200-499 headsets $10 each  
500-999 headsets $6 each
1,000-4,999 headsets $4.50 each (includes 5 mins  edited footage, up to 2 hours onsite)
5,000-9,999 headsets $3.50  each (includes 30 mins  edited footage, up to 10 hours onsite)
10,000-99,999 headsets $3.00 each (footage to be discussed)

Extra 3D Video Footage

Every extra 5 minutes of edited 3D video footage includes up to 2 hours on site at a cost of $995

Footage is typically uploaded to YouTube on behalf of the client.



Aerial Footage:

This option is limited to very strict geographical locations and code of practice. Contact us for details.

Example Golf Course footage: Riverside Golf

*Payment options may be available.



For further information or to book our services, please contact us.