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The Future of Marketing

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Headset Sales & 3D Footage Costs

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Our online 3D video footage can generate accurate analytical data. This data helps you understand what footage works best and ensures that every penny you spend provides you with valuable information.

The future of marketing

VR180 is the brand new 3D technology created by Google for use in YouTube and other social media platforms. Our strategy uniquely combines online and offline marketing to maximum effect. We will work with you to create amazing 3D VR180 footage for your product or service. We will then assist you in promoting your message and/or brand via merchandising to help attract more customers and improve your sales.

At first glance, the video below looks like any other high quality video and in that sense it does play like any regular high definition (4K) video. However, put on a VR headset and the magic happens.

For an immersive experience, view in the YouTube app. Put on your VR headset. Sit back, relax and learn the story of Nurse Alice’.

How will your customers view this footage
We will provide you with attractively designed VR headsets for you to offer to your customers. VR headsets give access to your 3D and other online content via cellphone.
How will VR180 and VR headsets benefit your business
  • People are curious. This is a product that engages individuals. They will question ‘what is it?’, ‘what does it do?’, and then when they see your vr180 3D video ‘wow this is amazing – how far does this rabbit hole go?’
  • Sharing and customer networks. The ‘WOW’ factor ensures customers eagerly share their 3D experience with others which naturally delivers your 3D video message and brand awareness to a network of new potential customers. 
  • Reflects your business. Cementing your professional and modern image, the packaging and headsets look great. This is a great product to give as a personal or corporate gift, or why not sell them in your gift shop?  
  • Perceived value. The aesthetics of the headset exhibit value. It will not suffer the fate of most merchandising (such as ball point pens) which typically end up dropped into the stationary box, forgotten in a drawer or discarded immediately upon receipt.
  • Real value. Truly impressing your clients, your high quality 3D content ensures each view through the headset encourages further VR exploration. Your 3D content is literally and virtually ‘stamping’ your message into the minds of your viewer.
  • Does the job and does it well. It’s a unique, simple, enjoyable and immediate way to promote your video message and brand to potential customers.
  • Promo can literally pay for itself. VR headsets can be given as a promotional item or can be sold. It’s not often you find merchandising that can pay for itself or even make a profit all the while doing its advertising and promotional work. ‘It’s like adding extra staff members to your sales team….without the salaries!’
  • Immersive. The headset allows access to online content via mobile phone. Reaching multiple senses, the viewer is immersed in your footage which is delivered as a very real and memorable experience. Importantly, all these factors increase the likelihood that they will ‘ buy from you’.
  • Existing footage. Perhaps you already have a Virtual Tour on Google? The VR Headsets can give access to this tour, helping you to take real advantage of your existing online content.

Museum / A Restaurant / An Exhibition and Events Centre / Fitness Studio / Winery / Distillery / Shopping Mall / Wedding Planner / Travel Agent /


A Museum could encourage repeat visits and sell beautifully printed headsets giving access to 3D footage of interesting artifacts that are often missed by visitors. 3D footage can be carefully created to encourage new visitors by showcasing ‘how interesting their Museum really is’ or showcasing content promoting a new exhibit.

A Restaurant can showcase their 360 Virtual Tour highlighting an amazing ‘award winning’ dining room. 3D video footage can offer a virtual taste of your Gourmet Entrees because of course ‘the first bite is with the eyes’.


Headsets could be dispatched to the customer mailing list of an Exhibition and Events Centre showcasing a pre-existing Virtual Tour. A 3D promotional video could offer potential clients a well choreographed visual experience, ‘selling that dream event to a client whilst they relax in the comfort of their home office, potentially many thousands of miles away’.
A Fitness Studio, can use 3D footage to remotely demonstrate to clients (via VR headset at home without any embarrassment) how to correctly and safely perform an exercise or use equipment. Prior training and familiarity assists with confidence and safety. This can all be achieved before a client even decides to join a class or try a new piece of equipment. ‘Ensure your Studio stands out from the crowd by providing home based physical education. Think Bigger –  sell this Globally on Amazon!!’
3D could allow a Distillery to virtually teleport a customer to their location where a sales professional explains the process of making their product. ‘Vodka and Whisky tasting while virtually sat in the Distillery can feel so real’ would you like to order a bottle?
Blackfox Saskatoon Distillery
The Sommelier of a Winery can virtually provide a wine tasting experience in what will feel like a one on one with him or her – ‘cheers!’. The headset can accompany and be included as merchandising with the purchased wine product (see our prices below). At home, ‘the customer can sit, relax, learn about and enjoy the wine tasting experience in the company of the ‘Virtual Sommelier’….. and some friends.
Working with resident businesses, the Manager of a Shopping Mall could invite participation to support the purchase of ‘x’ number of VR headsets for mutual benefit. Each participating Store would have 3D footage created promoting their business with headsets being distributed by the store, the mall or both. This initiative may not cost the mall a penny with extra 3D footage being created for the mall for free.  (See Joint Ventures Promo). 
3D videos of the services and products provided by a Wedding Planner could be given to future brides at a trade show. A virtual experience would help‘sell her the dream and confirm the event’. Each business sector (such as catering/ hotel/ transport/ jewellery/ dress/ venue) would pay for their 3D footage to be created. This initiative may not cost the Wedding Planner a penny with extra 3D footage being created for him or her for free. (See Joint Ventures Promo). 
A Travel Agent could virtually promote holiday locations each of which pay for their content to be created and added to a VR promotional package. We are sure that once the customer virtually views ‘that beautiful beach, romantic hotel room and mountain view restaurant’ they are sure to book their holiday vacation with you. This initiative may not cost the Travel Agent a penny with extra 3D footage being created for the agent for free. (See Joint Ventures Promo). 

Headset sales & 3D footage
Headset price list (printed and delivered):

Minimum order 100 headsets

  • 100-199 headsets $15 each plus tax
  • 200-499 headsets $10 each plus tax
  • 500-999 headsets $6 each plus tax
  • 1,000-4,999 headsets $4.50 each plus tax (includes 5 minutes edited footage, up to 2 hours onsite)
  • 5,000-9,999 headsets $3.50 each plus tax (includes 30 minutes edited footage, up to 10 hours onsite)
  • 10,000-99,999 headsets $3.00 each plus tax (footage to be discussed)

Included in the above (where applicable):

  • Incorporation of logo into your 3D video.
  • Video tour gallery for website (see example here). Contact us for more gallery options.
  • One, royalty-free audio track of our choosing
  • One round of minor edit revisions.
  • Design support for VR headsets.
  • For orders of 5,000 or more headsets, travel costs are included to any location in North America.
  • For orders of less than 5,000 headsets, Saskatchewan, Alberta and Manitoba travel is included. For other locations, please contact us.

Additional 3D video footage:

Every extra 5 minutes (can be priced per minute) of edited 3D video footage includes up to 2 hours on site at a cost of $995 plus tax.
Footage is typically uploaded to YouTube on behalf of the client.

We would be happy to discuss your ideas and how we can tailor our service to meet your needs.

For further information, feel free to contact John or Michelle